The Tea Lovers Survival Guide To Rome / Italy

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

I am not going to lie. If you don’t or can’t drink coffee, or just prefer tea, it’s mostly bad news in Italy.

When I started to learn how coffee-oriented Italy is, I brazenly thought “it can’t be worse, than the US, right? I mean, you could easily say that the US is a coffee-oriented country, and I do ok here, even though I can’t drink coffee and mostly drink tea.”

Well, it is worse. But, there is hope. I did not have the time or stamina (or patience from my family) to scope this out as much as I would have liked, so there is more coming as soon as I can get back to Italy! 😆

The best advice I have for you after my first trip is: bring your own tea. Bring a full supply for your entire trip. Pack less clothes. You can buy clothes in Italy. Bring tea! (Tea does not take up that much space and is relatively light weight anyway!).

I unrealistically only brought enough of my favorite fair trade, organic black tea to get me through until I thought I would be able to shop locally for more. Oh, that sounds really funny now.

Unless you plan to stay outside of the touristy areas, which is a valid choice, the grocery stores I found in the tourist areas only had really narrow choices of tea and mainly the same crappy brands of tea that I don’t drink even here in the US.

If you are staying in an apartment, check if they have a kettle. Our appartamento had an electric kettle, so thankfully I was ok there. I usually bring my collapsible electric kettle when I stay in hotels even in the US, so I would probably bring it with me if I were staying in hotels in Italy (yes, it’s dual voltage).

When we started to venture away from the touristy areas, I noticed that the cafeterias had better brands of individual tea bags available. I unfortunately did not have a chance to duck into a grocery store in the same places to test my theory. But, it gives me hope for my next trip … although, I am still bringing enough tea for the whole trip, in case I am wrong, again!

To be continued …