Day 7: Palazzo Barberini, Shopping, Apertivos & Dinner

It still pains me to write the words “for our last day in Rome”. We had such a good time. While we were ready to get out of the tourist district, we didn’t want to leave Italy! Alas, work and other responsibilities back home led to our having to admit, the party was ending.

We filled our last day with the Palazzo Barberini, shopping, apertivos and dinner.

Palazzo Barberini

Michele from Intrepid Guide does a much better job describing this museum than I can, so hop on over to this page on her site (#11) if you want more info. Since we were staying in Piazza Barberini, this amazing palace and museum were an easy walk from our apartment. My favorite part was the beach chairs in the main chamber to view the ceiling fresco. The Barberini family were clearly very excited to rise to papal power!

Relaxing: Shopping, Apertivos, Dinner

We knew we had a long trip home ahead of us, so we spent the rest of the day shopping and at the end of the day, enjoyed the Italian tradition of the Apertivo before dinner. We still did it the tourist way and sat and enjoyed one last, long look at Piazza Barberini. Also, Pepe’s Cafe served crinkle potato chips in a sundae glass for apertivo; how was I supposed to resist that?