Day 4: E Tu Brute?

Another self-guided walking tour! Still a little dazed and confused since we woke up to find out we had just experienced a *second* daylight savings jump. For this walking tour, we just reversed the course since we wanted to go back and shop at the outdoor market at Campo dei Fiori and some of the shops we saw along the way.

Piazza Navona

Because of the unknownst-to-us daylight savings jump (but I am sure knownst to everyone else’s tour guides!), we didn’t get to Piazza Navona as early as we had hoped. It was already crowded, so we got just one family selfie when we could snag a photo-opp spot. It was still fun seeing the piazza best known for being “The Europe”. There, so we actually did one of the “must do’s”. Ha!

We quickly moved on to Campo dei Fiori, which we liked better anyway. We had lunch in Campo dei Fiori and decided to check out Largo di Torre Argentina and come back and shop.

Largo di Torre Argentina

The former site of the Roman senate (a looooong time ago!), and the place where Julius Caesar was assassinated, it is now a feral cat sanctuary! Ami was in kitty cat heaven. Finally, a location where no one made them remove their kitty ears or gave them funny stares for it!

This is off the beaten track, but it’s full of history, ruins, and cats! If you want to do something a little quirky, less crowded, with no pressure, Largo di Torre Argentina is your place!

Campo dei Fiori

Image from Pixabay (yeah, I was too busy shopping & pre-translating for the enby to take a photo myself!)

One of the reasons our favorite online Italian teacher gives for learning at least some Italian before your trip is to get treated more like a local and to be able to ask for discounts. And, it’s true. When our very shy, communication-disorder-experiencing enby was shopping at the Campo dei Fiori mercato and asked “how much does it cost?” in Italian, the merchants couldn’t bend over backwards fast enough with a discount. I, sort of, kind of, felt a little guilty about forcing them to ask themselves, but it’s good for them both to practice the Italian and the social communication (I keep telling myself). And the discount is bigger. So, I guess it’s off to confession with me (which I am accustomed to anyway 🤣) while the offspring gets all kinds of discounts. Hey, we gotta take our wins where we can, right?🤷🏻‍♀️