Day 1: Jet Lag Day

The nice thing about staying in the touristy area was that all we had to do was get out the door, tired, cranky, jet lagged and all. I promise, we did not plan this! We woke up late, messed up every single “must do”, and we still ended up inadvertently doing an almost ideal, tour-guides-couldn’t-have-planned-it-better, tour of the Centro Storico (historical center) of Rome!

The Stops:

  • Piazza Barberini (where were were staying)
  • Trevi Fountain
    • Note: Ami and I woke up unexpectedly early on Day 2 and went back to Trevi Fountain at 7:30AM (yes, local time). It was busy, but much less crowded. We were able to get some photos at that time.
  • Temple of Hadrian (this more of just a photo opp for us than a visit, but you can visit!)
  • The Pantheon
  • Lunch at a tourist trap between the Pantheon and Spanish Steps
    • The thing about the tourist traps is that they are convenient. If you want it to taste good, then it’s also expensive. Otherwise, you risk thinking food in Rome is not that good.
    • We finally gave into a mozzarella bar. We were too hungry and needed a break too badly to say “no” to feasting on however much Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP we wanted! It was not inexpensive, though. We found that there usually isn’t a price difference between lunch and dinner, at least in the touristy parts of Rome.
    • Note: If you get take away, do not sit at a table, even an outdoor table. I thought this went without saying, but someone (an American) nearly came to blows with a maitre d’ over it near Trevi Fountain. We literally just got there and were seeing our fellow Americans making all kinds of faux pas.
  • The Spanish Steps