Travelogue: Rome 2023

They/Them Travel: The Pantheon Occulus, Rome, Italy

We spent 7 full days in Rome in March 2023. It was amazing!

When planning our first trip to Italy, it was pretty apparent that not joining in any tours whatsoever (see “Backstory” here), meant we were probably not going to get into the most popular / high demand attractions, and we decided, that was fine.

Letting go of the “must see / must do” made our trip more enjoyable, more relaxed and much less aggravating than trying to do everything altogether.

This is also part of why we decided to just stay in Rome for the entire trip. Rome is a big city with thousands of years of history! There is plenty to do for 7 days! We didn’t even do it all, but we did do a lot …

7 Days In Rome