We finally made it to The Colosseum!

I started this blog after returning home from our first trip to Italy! Before we left, everyone had (probably still has) an opinion on what we “had” to do, or see, or eat, but there was very little information about how to handle all of that when your family has gender diverse members, and family members who experience neurodivergent issues.

The travel industry is starting to be more inclusive, but there is a long way to go and I wanted to amplify the voices of those who are advocating for better *accommodations* for gender non-conforming individuals, and those who experience neurodivergent disabilities and issues.

My name is Bonnie, my pronouns are she/they. I am a mom to a wonderful nonbinary (enby) young adult who experiences sensory processing disorder, communication disorder, and related anxiety. They/Them Travel is also about our “travels” (aka experiences) growing up and raising a special needs, talented, and nonbinary person!

Sometimes, when you are living something, it’s hard to find your voice, to use it, or to even have the motivation to use it when the thing you are living is neurodivergence. On the other hand, I have advocated for my child, for years now and found it pretty easy to use my voice (ok, there are also personality traits shining through there!). So, that’s why I started the blog and continue to build it in consultation and with guest contributions from my neurodivergent enby.